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Service specifications

Email Raser allows Companies to know their actual risk level against Pshihign campaings.

Phishing is nowadays the main entrance point of Ransomware. Cheating final users, often called "Social Engineering" is something that in modern companies cannot go unnoticed.

It is easy, simple and very effective. Overloaded, exhausted, and with many concurrent urgent tasks to solve, employees time is not infinite and hackers benefit from it to fool them and make untrained ones "click" on malicious URLs.

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Email Raser allow companies to detect dangerous and vulnerable users by sending simulated special phishing emails to provided lists of company employees and then checking who "clicks" on them.

When users click, on the "simulated-dangerous" links, are redirected to a special portal where they are told about the risks they may have run into, why, and how to avoid them.

Full reports between time separated campaigns allow Companies know their actual risk level to a real phishing campaign.